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Venue Order Management 

Football games, basketball games, soccer games and all of the above! Not to mention concerts and events! With Skipr, your attendees will never miss a moment. 

Your Fans Didn’t Come to Stand in Line

We've all experienced the hassle of leaving our seats just to go stand in a line to grab a beer or a hot dog. We find ourselves standing in line and watching the game from a TV underneath the stands. We thought that it's time to change this. 

According to a survey conducted by Oracle in 2019


Of fans would spend more money on concessions if their wait times were cut in half. 

Would like to pick up an order from an express line at a concession stand if it were offered.



Were highly interested in using a mobile application to order food and beverage. 

We love options just as much as the next person. This is why we made it possible for each organization to create a rewards system that is fully customizable for each individual concession stand. Customers order, and easily gain points after each purchase redeemable within the app. 


Rewards 2.png

Options Tailored For You

Walking all the way across the stadium to get a hot dog is never fun. This is why we are able to customize Skipr for each stadium or venue, allowing concession stands within a certain distance of a section to show up on the list of food venders. This prevents customers from ordering an item, thinking that it can be picked up near their seat, only to find out that its on the complete opposite side of the stadium. 



What could be better than an all-in-one app for your fan experience? Ordering food and items from the gift shot only scratches the surface in the list of Skipr's capabilities. Your fans can enjoy an easy way to buy tickets to any of your events. The best part? You don't lose money from each purchase as you do from other ticket purchasing vendors

You Call The Shots!

Every team and venue is different. We add a personal touch by offering an option for design customization. 


An app just for you.

One of the many options Skipr provides is White Labeling. Convert the Skipr design to the branding of your restaurant or venue, and watch as the app seamlessly integrates into your brand. We can convert the color scheme as well as the logo to match your brand. 

Your Customized . . .






Venue layout

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